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Emergency Community Development Program (PUDC)

The Emergency Community Development Program (PUDC) aims to significantly improve the living conditions of populations and lead a more sustained fight against social inequalities, through sustainable access to infrastructure and socio-economic services. base, and the contribution to the local development of the beneficiary areas.

Major Achievements:

  • Access infrastructure: of the 359 km of tracks planned by the program at the end of 2022, 188 km have been completed;
  • Basic socio-economic infrastructure: rural electrification activities, with an achievement rate of 80% and hydraulic activities with an achievement rate of 58%;
  • Agricultural value chains: installation of post-agricultural processing equipment.

Outlook 2023:

  • In 2023, the program plans to continue efforts to open up access with a target of 255 km of track length to be built. Concerning basic socio-economic infrastructure, the PUDC provides: (i) for access to electricity, the electrification of 341 villages by MV/BT networks and 19 villages by solar power plants, as well as the installation of 70 km of electrical backbone length; (ii) for access to drinking water, the construction of 23 multi-village hydraulic systems, the construction of 19 MFT boreholes; (iii) for the strengthening of the health map, the construction and equipment of 34 health posts; (iv) to strengthen the school map, construction of 21 school infrastructures; (v) delivery of 486 post-harvest processing equipment; (vi) for agricultural value chains, development of 53 community agricultural areas, installation of 8 dairy units, establishment of 25 agri-food processing platforms, installation of 20 storage infrastructures.
  • Cities Modernization Program (PROMOVILLE)
  • Universal Health Coverage (CMU)
  • National Family Security Scholarship Program (PNBSF)
  • Emergency Program for the Modernization of Border Axes and Territories (PUMA)
  • Delegation for Rapid Entrepreneurship (DER)


Tracker of the esp

BOS PES | green star BOS PES | green star BOS PES | green star
The BOS ESP is the organization that corroborates the actions implemented by the ESP. It constitutes factual and intelligible support for all targets on current projects in an objective manner.

RADU Center of Excellence

BOS PES | green star BOS PES | green star BOS PES | green star

The overall objective of the project is to support the Operational Monitoring Office (BOS) of Senegal by enabling it to strengthen its capacities and set up a pilot Center of Excellence on “Delivery Units”.

The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Strengthen the capacities of the BOS to enable it to play its role as a model in terms of Delivery Unit at the continental level;
  • Establish a pilot Center of Excellence intended to support countries wishing to develop a Delivery Unit but also to facilitate exchanges between these countries on the theme of performance.

Ambitions of the esp

GDP growth

BOS PSE + 7-8%
Double the growth rate, from 3/4% in 2014 to 7/8% in 2023.​


BOS PSE x1,5
Increase average annual income by 50% with more than US$1 per capita.

Job creation

BOS PSE +600 000
The aim is to go from 4% in 2014 to 10% of formal employment in the space of a decade.


BOS PSE x 2,5
The objective is to go beyond doubling exports by 2023 with the aim of rebalancing the trade balance.

Flagship projects and reforms

Launch six new sectoral growth engines.