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Political quality

In a disruptive dynamic, the implementation of the esp is structured around an innovative system putting the sectoral ministries and their branches at the forefront of execution, supported by the Government's Operational Monitoring Office "Delivery Unit", through the strengthening of their capacities, support, audit and expertise missions necessary for the structuring and management of flagship actions (projects and reforms) and also through the ex-post evaluation of achievements.

This special system for monitoring flagship actions is operationalized in particular by the production of a weekly dashboard presented to the Council of Ministers.
This table is mainly based on the identification and calculation of indicators for all the flagship actions included in the monitoring scope of the BOS, in relation with project managers, focal points and execution structures. This made it possible to record the good results noted during the implementation of the first phase of the esp.

At the same time, the African Development Bank (AfDB), to support the dynamics of African countries in the implementation of their emergence policies, has initiated a project to support the networking of “Delivery Units” on the continent. , in order to maximize the impact of their interventions on countries and populations. For this, the establishment of a center of excellence in Africa has been identified as one of the priority actions to support this dynamic.

In view of the role played by the “Delivery Unit” of the Government of Senegal, the BOS, in the notable progress recorded in the implementation of the esp, it was considered to entrust it with the leadership of this initiative aimed at disseminating the best practices in terms of “Delivery”.
In terms of prospects, for the BOS it will be a question of moving towards a phase of stabilization and sustainability of its achievements, while evolving its organizational model with a view to enabling it to offer the best services aligned with the international standards at the regional, continental and even international level.

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